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Renewal and Transition

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February 14 – Ash Wednesday – “The Walking Dead?”
Key concept from paradigm chart, #1…What is church

February 21 – #2 – “Where are we walking?”
Key concept #2 – Following Jesus, Being Called….Where?
Scripture:  John 14:4-5

February 28#4 – “The Walking Wet”
Key concept #3 – Arms, legs, hearts, minds….How are we called
Scripture:  Romans 6:12-18  (The Message)
Mark 1:14-15

March 7 – #3 – “Talking along the road”
Key concept #4 – Spirit at work in our sharing stories.
Scripture:  Luke 24:13-27

March 14#8 – “How is support our vocation?”
Key concept #8 – stewardship as how we tend all the resources of our vocations.
Scripture:  Luke 21:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 8:1-5

March 21 – #9 – “Walking together”
Key concept #9 – dynamic partnership to create a safe space for our vocations to thrive
Scripture: Philemon 4-7


We gotta do it – stewarding the future at Atonement Lutheran Church

Friends, in your usual generous way you passed a budget to meet our expenses here at Atonement and even provide cost-of-living raises for our cherished staff members.  Then suddenly, it was Lent and there was almost no time to talk about how we might meet the commitments we have made together.

Your Church Council is putting together a small committee to help walk us all through our budget, what we have, what we need, and how we might bridge the gap.  This is a very important conversation to have among us as we put together materials for a potential new pastor.  We need as many ideas as possible.  Even more, we need as many folks as possible to know where things stand.

Keep an eye out for an information meeting after church on April 29th.  Come and learn where our dollars and cents go and how our choices about finances make a difference for the future.


Church renewal – stewarding the future at Atonement Lutheran Church

The Church Renewal Team began their work last year.  The attended conferences, interviewed many of you members, read and thought under the guidance of Pastor Justin Grimm, and came up with a set of core values that they would like to share with you.  Their work has been and will continue to be a guide for us as we discover Atonement’s part in God’s mission at this time in Atonement’s life.  Because things have changed the team and I long for opportunities to hear from you about your hopes for Atonement, what you most cherish about our community here, and what you think God is calling us to do/be.


We are planning a series of old-fashioned cottage meetings, a chance to get together face-to-face with as many of you as we can.  During May we will hold a series of gatherings in the homes of volunteer hosts, as well as one at church for those who can’t make it to other locations easily.  A member of the Church Renewal Team will attend every meeting to gather your thoughts and record them.  We will use what we learn to: develop a mission statement for Atonement;  provide the Call Committee and the new pastor with some guidance; to develop a core sense of who we are that we can all support.


If you would like to volunteer to host a meeting contact the church office or Andrea Weatherly and let them know.  All you need to do is provide some space and a coffee pot!  We’ll invite those who sign up to attend to bring treats if they wish.  A member of the Renewal Team will lead the conversation.  Please let Cheryl or Andrea know by April 25th if you would like to host a gathering.  Thank you for being part of our walk together.