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2018 Second Wednesday in Lent

“The Walking Wet” Arms, legs, hearts, minds….How are we called?

Dual concepts

Ministry is done through programs. Programs address perceived problems (e.g. “We don’t have any youth; youth: we need youth ministry.”) and are directed by staff.

Ministry is about vocation. Vocation is living out the spiritual gifts given to us in baptism. Vocation happens in relationships. We are a priesthood of believers.


Questions:  What does “Vocation happens in relationships” mean?  Do you believe it?

Do not equate call and vocation or job and vocation.  Call simply exists.  What do you do about it?  Muliples?  People entering workforce now won’t have same job in 10 years.

Vocation happens as service which implies relationship.  Can’t think of any vocation NOT in relationship.  Can’t have vocation without relationship.  Even farming which is a relationship with the land and a stewardship.

It means working together and accepting the call when asked at the same time – being aware of your own calling.  Very different gifts.

Ministry as vocation is any believer to another person.

Ministry has to do with what you can contribute and what you receive.  Mutuality.  Blessed to be a blessing.  How do we do that?

Ministry has to do with mentoring and being mentored, sharing gifts with each other.  Fulfilling this quest gives us meaning and is generative.  Journey together and happens together and MORE FUN together.

Yes, we absolutely believe that?  Sing or sew or simply be here – contributing to whole.